Every Passing Minute is Krysada Panusith Phounsiri’s second book of poetry and takes the readers on a personal journey of moments that collectively weave together the fabric of his identity. The poems are separated into four sections: Seacreatures, LaoAmerica, Bars and Babble, and Monologue, with each section diving deeper into what it means to be Lao American. Each passage builds on the resiliency of the Lao spirit, vulnerability of the heart, and the hopeful uncertainty about the future.

Phounsiri has expertly crafted a poignant collection of poems that show us that though there are commonalities of the immigrant experience, the uniqueness of how these experiences shape who we are.

Through evocative word choice and vivid imagery, Phounsiri engages the reader’s senses to capture the essence of a single moment in each story. From the malt chocolate scent of Ovaltine, the flavor of spices in papaya salad, and the tactile sensation of sitting on the floor to have a family dinner, the reader is immersed in memories as if it were drawn from their own. Above all, his poems remind us that even the most every-day of moments in life can be etched in our hearts.

This book is highly recommended for all. For the older generation needing words to reconcile the bittersweet experience of navigating unfamiliar lands and cultures, to the young generation looking to put into words the emotions of bridging two worlds, and anyone looking to learn, appreciate, and understand the fabric of diversity that exists in the America. A must read.

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