The IE has 3 full-time staff and is supported by an army of community members who serve as volunteers, interns, contractors, and freelancers. We are grateful for the many people who keep the IE alive. Thank you for your contributions!

Alexa Strabuk 譚文曠 (Editor in Chief) is a cultural worker and journalist. Her writing and illustrations have appeared in a range of print and online publications, with past coverage including affordable housing, ethnic studies, labor organizing, the arts, civil rights, and racial and socioeconomic justice. She uses multimedia storytelling to uplift her neighborhood, to create sincere connection, and to explore ideas in a thoughtful way. When not working, she might be found doing lengthy headstands, assembling paper bat garlands, or stifling inappropriate laughter. Alexa lives with Goji the dog in the Chinatown International District. Contact Alexa about news coverage, community coverage, opinion stories, funding opportunities, and story pitches: [email protected]

Chetanya Robinson (Managing Editor) has been a regular writer for the IE since fall 2015 and reports on neighborhood and community issues including housing, activism, history, culture and small businesses. He is passionate about local, community journalism and its unique potential. Chetanya earned a double major in journalism and Near Eastern Languages from the University of Washington, during which he spent a summer interning for a newspaper in Sierra Leone. He has written for a variety of local publications. In his spare time, Chetanya is an avid reader and enjoys photography, travel, and spending hours in museums. You can follow him on Twitter at @chetanyarobins. Contact Chetanya about news coverage, community coverage, opinion stories, reporting internships, and story pitches: [email protected]

Carmen Hom (Community Relations Manager) is a 4th generation Chinese-American from the San Francisco Bay Area. She found her voice through writing during the IE’s Advocacy Journalism Fellowship in 2019, as well as strength in her cultural identity by working in and for the Chinatown International District. She has been involved with the organization since. She loves exploring cities on bike, supporting farmers markets, and playing her mini guitar. Contact Carmen about advertising, distribution, subscriptions, invoicing, special issue sponsorship, sponsored stories, print archives, photo archives, community partnerships, and social media internships: [email protected]

Alan Chong Lau (Arts Editor) is an artist, poet, and retired grocer. He has served the Asian Pacific Islander American arts community as the IE Arts Editor for over 30 years. He’s a published poet and author and is the editor of the nation’s most comprehensive Asian Pacific American book review, the Pacific Reader. In 2014, Alan was honored with the City of Seattle Mayor’s Art Award and given the title of Seattle’s 2014 Cultural Ambassador. The award recognizes those who create “exemplary work across disciplines, as an artist and as an administrator, pushing the field forward from all sides.” Alan’s work has appeared in numerous anthologies, as well as in national and international shows. Contact Alan about arts coverage: [email protected]