“Healthcare is a big issue, not just in our own microcosm of a city/state, but the world in general. Healthcare budgets and healthcare workers are being cut continuously; when there is evidence indicating that more nurses and healthcare workers are needed, and would ultimately provide greater care, a decrease in possible health disparities, better outcomes and less medical errors. What plan do you have in order to combat this behemoth of a problem that has been brewing behind closed doors for many years now?”
Jeffrey Lee, UW nursing student

Julie Pham

“What will you to do increase communication among the different city departments and between the city government and the communities it serves? How will you reduce bureaucracy and increase transparency and accountability in the city government?”
Julie Pham, Managing Editor, Northwest Vietnamese News

“Are you willing to commit more resources to the cleanup of Rainier Valley? As a South Seattle resident, I’ve been concerned about the amount of crime and lack of economic development there is along Rainier Ave. S. between Columbia City and Little Saigon.”
Sian Wu, former IE board president and program director at Resource Media

“What do you plan on doing to help the senior immigrant community in Seattle with regards to transportation means? There should be ORCA buying/paying fare instructions in different languages such as Chinese or Vietnamese, etc. The current computer process for the light trail is not only confusing but it’s not user-friendly either.”
Vilma Fernandez, manager of SCIDpda Nutrition Services

Gar Lee

“How will you re-allocate resources from Seattle taxpayers to ensure that money isn’t wasted on poorly planned projects such as public bathrooms, monorail plans and the light rail?”
Gar Lee, resident of Beacon Hill and Campaign Associate at E-Dialog

Terrence Lin

“Due to the economic recession, many of the social services for immigrants have been severely affected. How will you improve the employment situation for the immigrant community who are mostly illiterate in English?”
Terrence Lin – member of the local rock band, Oziriz

“I would ask the Mayor how he could help stop the amount of foreclosures and short-sales from happening in our communities so that it doesn’t continue to drag down the values of homes.”
Thach Nguyen, Seattle-based realtor, developer and philanthropist

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