After the secret war in Laos, many Hmong who fought faithfully alongside the United States fled the country for their survival only to be placed in a refugee camp to await their fate. In the face of such turmoil and hardships, under watchful eyes of guards,10 little cousins led by Master Me, who was the oldest cousin at just 10 years old, launched a dangerous mission to help support their families by securing vegetables outside the camp’s boundaries. Every day after lunch, the children came together, training their body and mind, preparing for every possible scenario this adventure might lead them into.  

The heartfelt, inspiring book, Yang Warriors, takes us on this journey through the eyes of award-winning author Kao Kalia Yang with illustration by Billy Thao. The setting of the story is thought provoking, real and has deep meaning to the author that readers of all ages will appreciate. Young readers will be spellbound by the excitement, suspense and artful nature of this determined clan of children. Yang Warriors is an homage to all the little heroes who inspire and give hope to humanity through compassion, commitment, courage and love under incredibly onerous circumstances.   

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