The “Friends of the International Examiner” are a group of people from the community who work in different fields and industries but have a common philosophy to give back to the API community in a meaningful way. As the oldest, most respected, and only non-profit API publication of its kind in the West coast, the International Examiner has become a rallying call to preserve an identity, a history, an achievement, and a struggle. The “Headlines Come to Life” community benefit event will be the venue for that cause. The newspaper industry is a challenging one but most people see the value in a community newspaper unlike any other and in which has tremendous potential to serve the community as its people evolve and emerge as a powerful influence in society.

Thach Nguyen – Real estate agent, developer, philanthropist, and inspirational speaker |

Why are you a “Friend of the IE”?
I believe in their mission and their commitment to the community. They have passion and do great work. The committee was wanting to do something out of the box and creative and that inspired me to be involved. My hope is that we have a FUN sold out event with hundreds of people, and the IE achieves and exceeds their goals.

Tim Wang – Founder and principal of T.D. Wang Advertising Group |
TD Wang is a full-service marketing and advertising agency dedicated to assisting companies in reaching the Asian American segment.

Why are you a “Friend of the IE”?
The IE (for 36 years and running) has been a strong supporter of API community issues and advocacy. It has been an outlet from which those within OUR community can speak out, learn from others and to provide awareness. By supporting “Headlines,” we are supporting the IE, one of the few non-profit pan-Asian American publications in the country. Not to mention the line-up of attractions, the event promises to be a good mix of artists, musicians, foodies and business professionals. My hope for the inaugural “Headlines” is for the attendees to enjoy all the event has to offer among friends, peers and community members. I encourage all of you enter the raffle for some awesome prizes. And finally, my hope is for you to become a “friend” of the IE as well.

Charles Koh – Community builder and entrepreneur |
As the Founder of, I host events for young professionals who are looking to network, build effective relationships and being educated on new issues that arise in the global economy. The other half of me runs a Creative Agency,, where we provide expertise in marketing and branding for people and companies. We specialize in photography, social media, web, print and video.

Why are you a “Friend of the IE”?
I’m a friend of the IE because of their excellent staff, dedication and their mission to thrive in this community. I got involved with the Headlines event because I saw an opportunity where I could provide my resources and network to make a difference for IE. With the economy being sour, we have to use what we have and uplift the economy together. With the connections and leaders we have brought together, we are doing just that. Becoming a community and working together. My hopes for this event is for an outstanding turnout and abundant contributions from the community to push and grow IE even further. As a body we can move together and make drastic changes. This is our chance to make a difference, show support and be apart of IE.

Bret Nielsen – Owner and executive producer of Fueled Creative, a local production company in Seattle |

Why are you a “Friend of the IE”?
I enjoy being associated and apart of IE because of their commitment level to our NW diverse Asian population. The IE is a trend-setter and shows commitment that we all can be proud of! Diem attended an video premier where Fueled Creative’s work was being shown. After a brief chat she was good enough to write an amazing article about my company and use it as a feature in the paper. From there I was hooked as a proponent for IE and it’s endeavors. I’d like to see the attendees of this upcoming event see the dedication and heart that’s poured into this paper daily. I want the energy of IE and it’s staff to be recognized as a worthy and necessary component to all Asian communities. This paper headed by Diem under new direction can be and IS a voice to all of us.

Rango Le – Owner/Broker of real estate company, Warring Properties | We opened a year ago and currently have 10 real estate agents on our team. Our service is to assist clients that need to sell and buy homes, commerical leasing, rentals, and shortsales.
Why are you a “Friend of the IE”?
I think the paper is great for the community. It covers Asian Pacific Islander news that I care about and want to learn. News that affects my world. I got involved because it’s a great idea for an event and would raise much needed money for the paper! I had to do my part to support what supports me. My hope is to have an exiting event for everbody that attends! My goal is to help the paper be around for a long time and be a great impact on the next generation!
Andy Karuza – Western Washington University student and owner of Lush Life entertainment | My one love is collaborating with other visionary people and having the freedom to explore positive relationships with other business people. This company allows me to do that.
Why are you a “Friend of the IE”?
I think a sense of community is important and needs to be supported. The IE helps build a community for many people. Thach Nguyen approached me several months back about it. I appreciate his vision and work ethic and knew that it would yield a great collaboartion with positive outcomes for the community. Giving is the single most important thing you can do in life so this opportunity to give was more than enough for me to want to be involved. My hope for the event is that it’s a great success. I would like to see the community come together for an event that is both fun and charitable.
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