The Seattle community of White Center celebrated Khmer New Year on April 28 with a day-long street fair. Hosted by the Cambodian Cultural Alliance of Washington, the event featured dance and entertainment, food, activities for children and parents, a banana eating contest, hacky sack, Robam dances (classical Khmer dance), guest speakers, poetry, live bands and more.

Dancers wear traditional garb. All photos by Carolyn Bick.
Dancers bow to the audience, after finishing their performance.
People watch performers.
Sir Henry the dog rolls around on the ground, near a balloon animal fashioned into the shape of a dog.
Food vendors dole out food to waiting customers.
People record a banana-eating contest.
Deon Taylor’s cheeks bulge with banana, as he tries to out-eat his opponent, during a tie-breaker in a banana-eating contest.
Brendan Stanton, center, and Deon Taylor, right, face off to break their original tie in a banana-eating contest.
Deon Taylor, center, holds up his prize, after winning a banana-eating contest.
Jannakah Hach, center, wipes some food from sister Kahliyana Hach’s face.
Cheng Hong holds baby Alisa Lee. Photo: Carolyn Bick

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