The Year of the Dragon is often described as a boisterous, eventful year, when the fullness of life is experienced. And who knows how to live life to the fullest but children? We consult with local tots, “Where do you think dragons come from?”

“Ummm, maybe dragons come from a mountain or something. Like maybe they are trapped in a cage.”
— Sasha Mai Ly, age 3

— Makayla Wong, age 2

Dragons come from big castles!
— Dustin Le, age 3

“Magic eggs fall from the sky and fall into lava,” said Samuel Kolesar, age 9. “That’s why they can breath fire,” added brother, William, age 11.

“I think the good dragons came from the caves and the bad dragons came from the clouds. And the baby dragons came from the eggs.”
— Eddie Gannon, age 3, with brother Aiden, age 1

“Dragons come from the volcano.”
— Kaden Yip, age 4

“Dragons come from the sky. This is because dragons fly down from the sky to either spit out fire or water.”
— Tuyet-Lam Thai, age 7

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