Maybe you’ve noticed in the last few weeks that even on sunny days, there is a new chill in the air. That’s a sure sign the weather’s changing. But with changes, comes a new season. So grab your raincoat and go out and kick up some leaves, enjoy the arts wherever you are. No matter what your tastes, you’ll   find something out there to enjoy. I have provided a “highlights” section for each category to point out events I find intriguing and in the listings themselves, an * by an event or person denotes something perhaps worth checking out.  And in this issue, there are a variety of articles on the arts that will spark some interest to hopefully  get you going. See you around! – Alan Chong Lau, IE Arts Editor

A Love Story in “Snail” and Profile of the Inuit in “Feather” Highlight the Power of Adapting

Gods Without Men

The Romance of Indian Painting

An American in Foshan

In the Shadow of the Killing Fields

It’s Open Curtains For Jamie Ford’s “Hotel” Turned Play

Chinaman: The Legend of Pradeep Mathew

Mr. Cao Goes to Washington

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