Green Foodie
Green Foodie
For this category, we searched Seattle-area eateries with an emphasis on locally-grown ingredients, “green” practices and eclectic dishes.

Loving Hut
1226 S. Jackson St., Seattle, WA 98055
(206) 726-8669

Loving HutLoving Hut, recently opened in Seattle’s Little Saigon, is one of many chain restaurants in the United States and Asia. The restaurant was created with the vision for addressing climate change. Owner, Dr. T. Campbell also wanted to start the chain to spread the vegetarian “solution” and promote peace and harmony. The idea was inspired by a spiritual teacher named Supreme Master Ching Hai. The vegan cuisine features different Asian dishes as well as American foods such as hamburgers and tacos.

1605 N 45th St., Seattle, WA 98103-6701
(206) 547-1348

Ninety-five percent of the ingredients used at Sutra, in Wallingford, is locally-sourced. Co-owner Amber Tande says the restaurant serves an “interesting kind of food.” The restaurant has a pre-fixed menu that changes weekly and is created by Tande’s husband, Collin Patterson. His vegetarian-style dishes combine flavors from East Asia, India, Africa and other countries. Tande also mentioned that the restaurant is unique for their multiple layering of flavors and textures.

1913 N 45th St., Seattle, WA 98103-6804
(206) 632-1913

JouleJoule, in Wallingford, serves a variety of foods but are self-described as “eclectic American.” “What people eat in America right now is a mix of different flavors,” says co-owner Rachel Yang. Visitors can find unique combinations of flavors that they won’t see anywhere else in Seattle. Some popular dishes are the smoked tofu with honshimeji confit and soy truffle vinaigrette or the bison hanger steak with garlic chive chimichurri and preserved garlic. At the Korean-French-American restaurant, people get to explore and have fun with food, Yang said.

Trendy Foodie
Trendy Foodie
For the adventurous and hipster crowd who believe atmosphere is as important as the food, check out these excellent eateries!

Wann Izakaya
2020 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-5637

Wann Izakaya is a restaurant chain in Japan but it recently arrived to the U.S. In 2006, the first Wann Izakaya was opened in Belltown. Restaurant manager, Dohui Koo, said they serve small dishes that are meant to be shared and paired with beverages. The restaurant boasts 60 different original cocktails. With a zen modern interior, the dark floors and woods make it a peaceful place for visitors to dine. The restaurant is known for their Happy Hour that includes sushi rolls and their popular takoyaki dish (fried octopus in the shape of balls).

2230 3rd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 728-5092

Gambas in Belltown is a Japanese and French-fusion restaurant named after its owner and sushi chef, Ganbat Puntsag, who is originally from Mongolia. It opened this March and is likely the only restaurant of its kind in the Seattle area. With a simple and elegant interior, Gambas is open for lunch, dinner and happy hour where visitors can choose multiple dishes from sushi to French cusine.

Wrap O Roll
925 S Jackson St., Seattle, WA 98127
(206) 233-9001

Wrap O RollLocated in Little Saigon, Quan Nguyen opened the doors to Wrap O Roll last July. Given the restaurant name, visitors can “wrap and roll” their own spring rolls with meat, veggies, and rice paper. Or, staff can wrap the rolls for you. But, spring and summer rolls aren’t the only dishes on the menu. Nguyen says they also serve the basic traditional Vietnamese dishes as well, such as Vietnamese noodle soup (pho), a spicy beef noodle soup (bun bo hue) and vermicelli dishes.

Comfort Foodie
Comfort Foodie
Some of us are sentimental and nostalgic and ask for nothing more than our mama’s cooking. For a dining experience with comfort, visit these spots that will leave you satisfied.

Kaname Izakaya
610 S Jackson St., Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 682-1828

Kaname Izakaya, located in the International District, has been open for two years. The owner, Todd Kuniyuki, who is usually working in the kitchen, said the restaurant’s concept is an atmosphere where friends can gather to enjoy Japanese street food together. Their happy hour specials are especially popular as well as their ramen noodles. They also have a variety of shochu cocktails with a full bar.

Kawali Grill
5300 Rainier Ave S., Seattle, WA 98118-2354
(206) 723-6179

Chef Gerold Castro started the Kawali Grill, a casual Filipino restaurant located in the Rainier Valley in August of 2007. Castro called his food, “cuisine comfort food” that includes lots of seafood, stews and noodles. The restaurant not only serves traditional Filipino food for breakfast, lunch and dinner but also American staple foods. “Filipino food is something fun and something people should try,” Castro says. Their popular dishes include Tandan Fried Chicken (which is chicken marinated in curry with tandan leaves and breaded) as well as Oxtail Stew.

Kona Kitchen
8501 5th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115-2917
(206) 517-5662

Kona Kitchen is where to find some of the best Hawaiian comfort foods in Seattle. Located in the Maple Leaf neighborhood, one can find dishes like Kahlua Pig, Mochiko Chicken, Huli Huli Chicken and Loco Moco. Restaurant owner, Yuji Okumoto describes their food as “local kine comfort food.” When opening the restaurant, he wanted to create a feeling of “ohana,” which means ‘family’ in Hawaiian, for everyone. “Kona Kitchen not only serves great food but also serves as a second home,” Okumoto says.

Hardcore Foodie
Hardcore Foodie
Some of us take our food seriously and do not compromise on quality, flavor, and nothing short of a splendid dining experience. For the connoisseurs, try taking a bite out of these.

Cedar’s on Brooklyn
4759 Brooklyn Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 527-4000

Curry and chai are what to get at Cedar’s on Brooklyn in the U-District! Restaurant manager, Malik Khan, said that their chai made from an old recipe was very popular and they sell up to 200 cups daily. The restaurant serves mostly Indian food but has integrated dishes with a “Mediterranean flair” that creates a wider selection for visitors to try. Some of their signature dishes are the Butter Chicken and Chicken Marsala. Curries can come with different meats including lamb and prawns. The cooks can also add extra chili to dishes for those willing to adventure spicier meals.

Polynesian Grill
10518 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98499-5400
(253) 584-6494

At the Polynesian Grill, visitors can taste different kinds of island-flavor style foods. In January of 2004, Chico Mageo and his wife, Annie, introduced Filipino food to those in the Tacoma area. He said that his food represents the migration of Filipinos to Hawaii. Most of the cooking is done by Noel Dejesus, his right-hand man. The popular dishes include grilled ribs, Lumpia and Chicken Adobo. Chico and his gang continue to improve their food with island service and a smile. He prides himself saying that once you try it, you won’t regret it.

Honey Pig
9104 S Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499-4407
(253) 581-1200

For adventurous and voracious eaters, Honey Pig in Tacoma is the spot to find all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue. The restaurant was opened in 2007 under a different name but was renamed to Honey Pig at the beginning of this year. In addition to endless plates of meat, visitors can try their combination deals that come with a variety of different marinated meats such as Bulgogi and their popular Kalbi. Honey Pig staffer, Soobie Yoo said that they are the only place in the area to find Korean barbecue.

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