Just a few weeks ago, I had no idea I would be stepping into the role of Editor in Chief at the International Examiner. The decision to take the helm of this incredible body of work and take part in a venerable history of community activism was not something I took lightly. It required thorough and careful consideration.

So I looked meticulously over financials and board bylaws. I met with the IE staff and executive board. I asked question upon question – relevant and irrelevant — and spent hours talking to close friends and colleagues. Pretty soon, I was off on my own to make a groundbreaking decision.

I ultimately made the decision to accept the role of editor in chief because I knew it was the right one. Of all the good decisions I had made previously in life , all involved taking an educated risk for something I cared about, and executing a full leap of faith. Both would certainly characterize my final decision to step aboard the IE. And if history will repeat itself in my life, creativity will hasten, and good people and collaborative opportunities will follow.

I knew that I was ready to step up to the challenge, contribute a sharp eye and collaborative spirit, community connections and editorial skills to freshen the IE pages.

My faith rests in APA communities that have upheld my values of justice and equity, and I hope that people stand behind me as much as I continue to stand and fight for the communities that have strengthened me.
Right now, the IE is in great shape. IE staff and supporters have brought this community beacon out of a recession­ — and made it stronger. Our online presence has grown from 4,000 unique web visitors per month in 2009 to more than 50,000 per month in 2012. Last week, more investment went into our editorial content, community outreach, partnerships and marketing efforts.

And for the first time ever in Examiner history, many of your favorite artists, restaurants, businesses and civic leaders will convene on December 6 for the inaugural NW APA Reader’s Choice Awards (RCAs) event: a great time to connect and keep the creative momentum going and support flowing.

IE is where community and voice intersect. This is also where I will be.

Let’s keep making history together. I want to hear about you, what you’ve seen and what inspires you. I look forward to hearing from you about the next up-and-coming artist or entrepreneur, a new album you’re dropping next month, your advocacy for APA and local communities, what’s happening in your neighborhood, and what’s at stake once new city, county, state and congressional officials are elected into office.
As the incoming editor in chief, I will be working hard to maintain what has been built and continue to evolve and grow our content to serve increasingly diverse APA communities in the Northwest. IE will continue to be a force, an evolving mirror of change that reflects both established and emerging APA voices.

As a mentor, family advocate, artist and community leader, my values and vision for the future of IE are with you. Making this vision a reality will take courage, integrity, and openness – and I am excited to dive in.
These are sure signs of a good decision made.

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