Throughout my experience as an intern for the OCA-Greater Seattle, I have come across many involved individuals and organizations who illuminate the community with their hard work and dedication. I have also met many people who have that spark to give towards the community and make change, but that spark fades because they can’t find a place to channel it. For some, it is because they simply don’t know where to start. For others, it dims from the lack of interest or inability to find that fuel to keep pushing on.

From my own experience, I will admit that I, too, was once one of those people who would dabble a bit in a volunteer organization and then move on to something else or just keep stacks of volunteer pamphlets lying in my room. Volunteering was more like: “I need ‘x’ amount of hours for high school,” rather than its true purpose of giving back to the community.

What changed that perspective for me was the actual volunteering process and how I was able to reflect on my own development as a community leader. Volunteering isn’t always so easy — there’s the conflict of where to begin or figuring out if this is something you want to do. That is why I have created this video. It is a quirky creation drawing from my own experience and serves as a “How To Guide” to be a community leader.

I hope this video offers direction for current and potential volunteers to give back. Happy volunteering and good luck!

— Jasmin Eng

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