A Reflection on Japan’s Tsunami Aftermath

March 11, 2013 will mark the two-year anniversary of the tsunami in Japan and the nuclear disaster it triggered as a result. We take this time for a moment of silence for lives lost and the survivors still dealing with villages they call home yet can’t return to them. We’ve taken this occasion to put together a feature so none of us forget its lingering effects and the possibilities for help. Our stories include the following: a look at a filmmaker who worked on a documentary on the people near the epicenter that gives us some behind-the-scenes insight, a review of a new photography book by a fashion photographer who felt he had to document the aftermath, and finally, an introduction to a nonprofit group dedicated to helping the victims of this disaster through art and photography. Below you’ll find events connected to the two-year anniversary of this event and places donations may still be sent. A deep thanks to all our writers who contributed to this feature.

Read more stories here:

Fukushima: Memories of the Lost Landscape

Mighty Silence: Images of Destruction: The Great Earthquake and Tsunami of East Japan

Hong Kong Advocates Debut Stunning Exhibition to Support Fukushima’s Rebuilding

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