Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

Kids laugh. Parents laugh. This is a great book to teach toddlers about using the toilet. The book has been helping parents for years, and this is its 25th anniversary.

Parents can read this funny book to their children to explain how natural it is for everyone to poop. Gomi also shows that poop comes in many different sizes, shapes and smells. Every animal eats, and then they poop.

Many kids have a difficult time with potty training. They do not understand the sequence of pooping. This book has illustrations to show them what is expected. Sit, wipe, flush. Everyone poops.

There Must Be More Than That! by Shinsuke Yoshitake

A young girl becomes worried about the future. What will happen? Will aliens invade? Will there be wars? She stresses, but then her grandma tells her to think of all of the good things that can happen. The little girl begins to see all of the choices she can make. In the future, she might wear her pajamas all day and play. She might be able to turn a switch on in her room so there is no gravity and roll around in the air.

There are so many cool things that the little girl could do in the future. She could win the funny-face contest. She might see aliens take away the boy who bullies her.

She realizes that there are not only two choices like a sunny or rainy day; there are many possibilities. Like when her mom asks her how she wants her egg for dinner, should she have her egg as an omelet, fried, scrambled or rolled? She also could paint her egg or use it as a crown on her head. “The future is full of possibilities.”

This is a fun book of optimism and creativity. Ask your young readers what they might do in the future, too.

PS: Also good messages for adults. Be optimistic, there are many possibilities.

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