Ron Chew and Suma Yagi. Photo by Roberta Yagi Chin.

On July 1, Ron Chew, author of My Unforgotten Seattle, visits Suma Yagi, author of A Japanese Name: An American Story, in Issaquah. Chew met Yagi, 94, when he was editor of the International Examiner in the 1980s. She sent him poems about her incarceration at the Puyallup Assembly Center and in Minidoka Idaho. Chew, who attended Franklin High School with her daughter Roberta, encouraged her to continue to write and compile a book.

Ron made a surprise visit to provide Suma a copy of his book and to congratulate Suma’s successful publishing of her book. The meeting with Ron and Suma on July 1, was a memorable morning as each author exchanged books and offered each other congratulations on their published work. Ron’s visit and the signed copy of his book was a gift to Suma that brightened her day and left an indelible memory of his thoughtfulness, kindness and intelligence, as captured in his book.

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