Jayanika Lawrence’s picks:

Jayanika Lawrence

The Woodpeckers of Rotha: A great short film about a couple coping with a missed connection, spirits and memories.

Naked Wheels: A documentary exploring life, love, and gender. The stories shared are amazing!

Leeches: A short film about a relationship between two sisters and the tradition of one day contract marriages.

Jayant Gupchup’s picks:

Khidkee: This film is very simple and realistic. It is about everyday situations where we are too quick to judge people based on partial facts. It does a wonderful job of depicting how we live in in our own bubble and echo chambers. The topic is very relevant for our current pace of life, and it was one of my favorite films from TSAFF 2017. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Jayant Gupchup

Shanivaar ko do baje: Its a simple story about two people meeting each other’s emotional and physical needs. Society looks down on their approach, but for these two people, every moment they spend with one another is precious. If you like open ended dilemma, this one should be right up your alley!

Obosheshot (At Last …): This movie covers many aspects of superstition and herd mindset. The movie makes you think every step of the way. I also enjoyed the use of black and white to represent the time related aspects of the narration. I found the movie simple, yet containing a powerful message that is very much applicable in today’s world.

Rishabh McIntosh’s picks (10yr old):

The Woodpeckers of Rohta: This is the coolest movie I have seen. It is interesting to see how a movie can mirror such emotions. They made an ordinary film into an extraordinary one just like how they took the clay and turned it into faces. This movie is the definition of awesomeness.

3 Brave: It is a fun film to watch. It is about three kids who get super powers and kick bad guys’ butts. The movie is very entertaining but the plot could be more creative.

Makaan: This movie is the perfect example of struggles of india. I like how it captures of kids and adults at the same time. Mostly I like this movie because at the end there is a kid dancing!

Sairam Sreedhara’s LGBTQ picks:

Sairam Sreedhara

Maccher Jhol: A subtle, imaginative, and articulate narrative about being gay. The acknowledgement

of how important family is, over a simple dinner ritual, makes this a powerful animated short.

Naked wheels: A candid documentary about the journey of three people—transgender and cisgender—navigating class, gender, and prejudice, in an unaccommodating world. If you want to hear the unheard voice of people questioning norms, you should see this.

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