Cindy Tien Meet this edition’s InspirAsianal IE Reader — spotlighting you, the readers of the Examiner! Our non-profit news enterprise has shared the stories of our community for over 35 years — thanks to the support and readership of thousands of people like you. This is our way of showing gratitude and shine the light on our readers. This edition’s InspirAsianal Reader is Cindy Tien, a Chinese-Vietnamese American who is teaching English abroad and aims to inspire others.

1. Who are you?
My name is Cindy Tien. I’m 22 years-old and am Chinese-Vietnamese American. I grew up in Shoreline, Wash., and recently graduated from the University of Washington double-majoring in Communications and International Studies (Asia).

2. What are you?
When people first meet me, they describe me to be very quiet, kind, and shy. But I want to prove myself as being an outgoing, independent woman who can be inspirational to someone. As a result, I am that go-to girl when someone needs help or a friend to listen. Being a good friend and companion is a quality that I care about. Therefore being a role model for others would describe who I strive to be in life. Even though I’m not skilled at playing an instrument, mathematics, or sports, giving advice and being a great listener and friend are qualities that I have been gifted at.

3. What do you do?
Since graduating from the University of Washington in March, I am taking every chance I can get by traveling before September rolls around (where I will be dropped back into the ‘real world’ of job hunting). I know that for these next couple of months I will have to make the most out of it and take chances, so therefore I am currently abroad in Tainan, Taiwan teaching English to junior high and high school students for the summer. It’s an exhilarating experience, and many people are surprised by my decision. But I am not afraid of trying new things. Teaching and helping others have been such a rewarding experience. I wish to take that with me when finding a job back in the states.

4. How were you introduced to the IE and why do you follow it?
I choose to follow the IE (via social media and newspaper) because of the unique and community-centered articles and stories this newspaper brings to the Asian Pacific American community. The IE is all about the community and voicing out their opinions which makes it a unique non-profit newspaper. The fun and unique articles at times gives it a fresh perspective and interesting news to dig into.

5. What inspires you?
Words of encouragement and inspiration goes a long way for me. Words of affirmation and kindness from strangers or loved ones gives me confidence to work hard, never give up, and to one day put my two cents in to make the world a better place. I always try to put positive quotes around my desk or notebooks to give me self-confidence and believe in myself. I’ve had the thrill of teaching students, and when they write words of kindness and affirmation to the teacher — it gives me pleasure knowing I have inspired someone. In return I have inspired myself to be a better person, friend, and daughter.

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