This graph is an oldie but a goodie. We first researched and produced this nutrition chart in early 2008, in an effort to demonstrate the questionable nutritional value of popular Asian or Asian American dishes. In light of the holiday season’s usual feasts and subsequent gym visits and membership renewals, we thought this chart would serve as both instructive, shocking, and entertaining. If you consumed half of this chart during lunch today, don’t worry — it includes tips to burn off the calories and options for tasty alternatives for next time. We speak to an expert at the International Community Health Service (ICHS) about what’s really in well-known dishes. Abbie Zahler, a Health Advocacy Manager at ICHS, rates popular Asian American cuisines for its “(un)healthy factor” and explains what concerns her most about each dish.

Be warned: your favorite dish may be hazardous to your health.

Disclaimer: The rating is from one expert’s opinion. Food preparation and the meat included in dishes varies the nutritional content of dishes.
1 =  nutritionally sound; 5 =  artery-clogger

click the image to view larger or download a PDF here.

Holiday Food Nutrition Chart

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