The Kore Ionz will perform Wednesday, July 13 at Nectar lounge.
The Kore Ionz will perform Wednesday, July 13 at Nectar lounge.

The new “Love You Better (EP)” from Seattle reggae band Kore Ionz can be summarized in one word: awesome.

The title track is a poignant love letter that once you hear it, you can’t help but sign on to wholeheartedly yourself. The Korean American lead singer Daniel Pak, wrote the lyrics in a rush of overflowing emotion on a sunny day the February before his first child was born. The sentiment is sincere, humble, and hopeful; the hook is so catchy that I only needed to hear the song once to then find myself singing it on the light rail a couple of days later:

Tell me how I can love you better
Show me how I can support your needs
Give me strength to learn to love you better
So our love will grow and grow forever and ever

The second track “Conductor” is more like a second single than a B-side, which you would ordinarily expect from a single release. This song is a little more introspective, reflecting a time when the band was in transition at the same time imparting strength of who they are now.

Now the time has come to return to my dreams
Accepting the differences that keep me from you
Is something that I couldn’t live with

Pak says of the post-transition, “what we have now is a family.” And it shows. Produced by Mell Dettmer, the entire EP is cohesive and polished. You can hear the international roots of each of the members of this family, all brought together through reggae music and a message of love and hope.

The third track, a dub version of the previously released single, “Sweet Reggae Music” is like a present. There is a well-founded rumor that there will be another version of this song on the upcoming full-length album. You’ll want to make sure you get them all.

Despite the strength of this studio album, I really got hooked seeing them perform live. Their EP release show in May at Nectar lounge in Fremont was packed. The energy and joy in their live performance is uplifting, inspiring, and infectious. Be sure to catch one of their upcoming shows! The next one is slated for Wednesday, July 13 at Nectar lounge, located at 412 N 36th St., Seattle. This is sure to be an energy-packed show you won’t want to miss! Also, you’ll want to make sure to head downtown for lunch on Thursday, August 11 for a FREE noon performance at Seattle City Hall. In addition, the Kore Ionz will grace Bumbershoot with a stellar performance this year on September 4.

The Love You Better EP is available at Easy Street Records, Silver Platters, Ohana Belltown, and iTunes. Follow Kore Ionz at Links to their Twitter and iTunes are available there.

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