Books That Change The World, One Reader At A Time

What with the Internet, texting and Twitter, one can get lost and feel as though the world is moving at such a dizzying speed that you can’t keep up. Yet whenever I stumble or get confused, I can open the pages of a book and find comfort in the stories there. That’s another way of saying, “Welcome to another edition of Pacific Reader”: our attempt to cover the world of books as it pertains to Asian Pacific Americans and Asia. It’s a daunting task to cover within a limited number of pages, but we hope this sampling encourages you to stop for a second and take that book off the shelf. Happy summer reading!

Alan Chong Lau, IE Arts Editor and Coordinator of the Pacific Reader Book Review Supplement

Drawings of the Eternal Circle: A Messy Life in Today’s London

A Tale of Two Vietnamese Families

Two Filipina Women Searching for Their American Dream

Q&A: Paisley Rekdal on How We See Ourselves

Tales from the Tsunami – Q&A: Ruth Ozeki on Her Acclaimed Novel, Texting and Film

Q&A: Cathy Tashiro on Mixed Race Before the Concept of Mixed-Race Identity Existed

Transpacific Feminities: A Complex History Dissected

A House with Many Stories

Nikkei History on a Field of Dreams

Myanmar at a Crossroads

Love Evolves Cultural Identity

No Ordinary Judge: The Memory of Those Loved and Lost

Three Friends and the Collusion of Culture

Fine Companions: ‘The Man Who Dammed the Yangtze’ and ‘A Chinaman’s Chance’

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