The Comeback written by E. L. Shen is a great snuggle up and read book. Maxine Chen, the main character is strong, independent and hardworking. She is practicing for a figure skating competition, but someone gets in her way.

Alex Macreesy.

He bullies Maxine about her Chinese heritage. Will this throw off her skating? This reminded me about what is going on today. There have been many, many anti-Asian hate crimes. What is happening in the book is much like the ones happening now, just less violent. Maxine manages to be strong through most of it, and we need to be strong now.

Maxine’s parents always make sure there’s not too much pressure on Maxine with skating.  And there isn’t. But someone on the ice rink sure does put pressure on her. Hollie. She is new to the town that Maxine lives in. Maxine first sees her in ballet class. She is an amazing dancer: graceful, elegant. But she is even better on the ice rink!

Maxine is sure they’ll be enemies. But will they?

The author, E. L. Shen, is also an ice skater, just not as competitive as Maxine.

I enjoyed this book very much and would definitely recommend it. There is so much packed into this one book. You read about friendship, passion, confidence and much, much more! Even if you are not into ice skating, you will still like this book.

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