The 3rd Annual Candidates MeetnGreet and Initiative Debates, with Ethnic Media is an event presented by Sea Beez, Washington Hispanic Media Association, and the 98118 Coalition. It offers civic-minded community members and local ethnic media to come out and meet their political candidates as well as the opportunity to become informed through initiative debates.

August 22, Wednesday, 4:30–8 p.m.

Nagomi Tea House

519 6th Avenue South #200  Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 623-0100

4:30–6 pm Candidate Meet-N-Greet
6:15–7 pm Debate on Referendum 74
7:15–8pm Debate on Initiative 1240

(Questions? Want to Participate?)

2012 CandidatesTo participate, please register with Norman Sigler at [email protected]
Attendees: Please register with Julie Pham at [email protected]

About Referendum 74

Referendum 74 is a state referendum filed to approve or reject a law to legalize same-sex marriage in the state. In February, Senate Bill 6239, which currently allows same-sex couples to marry, preserves domestic partnerships for seniors, and preserves the right for religious organizations to refuse to recognize or perform any marriage ceremony, passed the Senate and was signed into law by Governor Christine Gregoire. Opponents of the bill collected and submitted enough signatures to have Referendum 74 appear on the ballot of the upcoming general election.

About Initiative 1240

Initiative 1240 would allow a maximum of up to forty public charter schools to open in Washington over a five-year period as independently managed public schools operated by nonprofit organizations approved by the state. Charter schools established based on Initiative 1240 will be subject to the same academic standards as public schools, receive funding based on student enrollment like existing public schools, and have students selected by lottery. The initiative will allow public charter schools to operate free from many regulations set on public schools in terms of setting curriculum, budgeting, and managing teachers and staff.

About Sea Beez:
Sea Beez strives to empower ethnic and minority, immigrant and refugee communities by organizing capacity-building workshops and networking opportunities for local ethnic media outlets, which in turn can create stronger forums for these ethnic communities throughout Seattle.

About Washington Hispanic Media Association:
Hispanic Media Association is an organization of mass communication companies in the Spanish language that provide the public with news, education, data, advertisements, promotional messages and entertainment.

About 98118 Coalition of Immigrants and Refugees:
Formed in February, 2011 by the Filipino Community of Seattle, the 98118 Coalition of brings together neighborhood ethnic organizations to provide social, economic capacity and development to the diverse ethnic groups in the ethnically diverse zip code of 98118.


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