In an unending effort to promote reading and literacy, the IE will occasionally feature summer reading suggestions from people in our community. We hope our readers will be inspired to pick up a book and share it with others this season. In this installment, we ask Seattle’s Mayoral Assistant, Thao Tran, what he suggests for great reading this summer.

Four Fish
By Paul Greenberg | non-fiction| 284 pp
“The story of the world’s pursuit of a few fish is fascinating from an environmental and historic point of view,” said Thao Tran. “Greenberg’s storytelling and depictions of a bygone era are marvelous.”



The Four Agreements
By Don Miguel Ruiz | personal development| 138 pp
“Ruiz lays out ‘Four Agreements’ that can help us get at our personal best.  He reminds us that we don’t have to live the dreams of others.”



The Glass Castle
By Jeannette Walls | memoir | 288 pp
“Simply fun memoir to read. Witty. Brilliant.  The child character beats down tragedy and hardship like a sugar saturated kid at a jungle gym.”



Musashi Trilogy
By Eiji Yoshikawa | historical novel | 984 pp
“This trilogy is about Takezo, the main character who rises from a peasant class to be the most revered samurai of Japan in the 1600’s.  You will feel like you’ve shared some of Takezo’s adventures, struggles, and success after you complete the series.”


A River Runs Through It
Norman MacLean | novella | 238 pp
“My favorite short story of all time. It’s a great read that blends childhood, romance, family values and one’s love for the outdoors.”

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