The following is a statement from The Greater Seattle Chinese Chamber of Commerce (GSCCC):

Donald (Donnie) Chin, director of International District Emergency Center (IDEC), was shot and killed while he was driving at 8th Avenue South and South Lane Street before 3 a.m. on July 23, 2015. The police investigation is continuing.

For 40 years, Donnie single-handly dedicated his life toward making the ID a better and safer place. He could be seen at all hours of the day and night answering calls from citizens for help and responding to emergency calls put out by the police and fire departments and medical units. He knew everybody in the ID, every building in the ID, and all the pitfalls involved with emergency responses to those often crumbling buildings. Everybody in the ID knew Donnie, took him for granted, loved, and deeply respected him for his selfless devotion to helping others.

Donnie’s ties to the GSCCC go back more than 50 years when Donnie’s father, Don Chin, was instrumental in the founding of the Seattle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce (SCCC). He also served as first president of the organization from 1963 to 1966. Donnie grew up surrounded by members of SCCC and SCCC activities. In the early days, IDEC and Donnie were not universally welcomed in Chinatown as the trust IDEC has today had not yet been earned. The GSCCC is proud to be counted as one of IDEC’s earliest supporters providing the early IDEC with space and financial and public support. Over the years, continuing into 2015, GSCCC supported IDEC with donations. Donnie had a warm spot in his heart for the GSCCC and was particularly proud that his father was instrumental in inviting non-Asian drill teams to participate in the GSCCC Chinatown Seafair Parade.

Donnie would always be present at GSCCC functions providing first responder and crowd control services. GSCCC routinely honored Donnie and IDEC at its Chinese New Year Dinner and would force Donnie to come to the stage to accept a donation. Donnie would be very gracious, humble, and it was evident that Donnie did not enjoy being the center of attention. In a 2014 letter Donnie wrote, “Thank you for always showing us your support. CCC has been our longest standing supporter!”

The GSCCC adds its voice to the steam of eulogies, expressions of sorrow, and support to Donnie’s family.


Developing: Donnie Chin of International District Emergency Center shot and killed

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