How are parents like broken refrigerators? They’re loud, inconsistent and have no chill! In Stand Up Yumi Chung, you can be totally sucked in and not have to hear your parents or caretakers yelling at you to do the dishes! 

That joke was used in the book by Jessica Kim. This book is about a young Korean comedian named Yumi Chung who lives in Los Angeles and whose parents own a Korean BBQ restaurant. Yumi Chung loves comedy and wants to be a comedian when she grows up, but there’s one problem: her parents don’t want her to be a comedian. 

They don’t think that a comedian is a real job. So when she sees a comedy camp led by her favorite You Tube comedian after school, she jumps at the chance! And tells her mom that she’s studying with her friend at the library. When she meets the leader of the club, Jasmine (the Youtuber) mistakes her for a different girl and Yumi doesn’t have the nerve to correct her!!!

Find out if Yumi survives comedy camp and lying to her family. Find out what happens to her parents’ restaurant.

I loved this book. It was funny and dramatic. I promise you will sit down and have a good laugh. Yumi is like a best friend; you’ll have so much fun with her! This book inspired me to be a comedian when I grow up! A special thanks to Jessica Kim for writing such a well written book.    

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