Realtor Jim Matsuoka recalled continuing hostilities toward Japanese-Americans following World War II and internment: “I could only do business in the Central Area and [so I] opened my office down on Jackson. Central Area, Mount Baker and Beacon Hill — that’s about the only places I was able to work. Other places, they wouldn’t let me.” Quoted in Dee Goto, Seattle First Hill Lions, 2004, and repeated in City of Seattle, Southeast Seattle Community History Project: Asian Pacific Islander Americans in Southeast Seattle by Cassie Chin. A leader in the Japanese-American community, Mr. Matsuoka passed away in 2014 at the age of 100. Photographer and date unknown.
Previous articleSnapshots in Time: Karen Yoshitomi (right), executive director of the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (JCCCW), spoke about the failure of political leadership that led to the incarceration at King County Council’s 75th anniversary Proclamation of Remembrance for Executive Order 9066. Photo by Lexi Potter, February 21, 2017.
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