Showering was the very most important thing during our camping trips in Skykomish. The camping trip, which lasted from August 2nd to the 6th required trail work and hiking which made it very tiring and dirty.

During the service-learning and conservation education trip, we were able to have showers that kept us clean for a while. The only way for us to earn the showers was to simply work really hard.

Showers can get you clean , happy and relaxed for the rest of the day. Some of the trail works we did were repairing trails or making new trails . We hiked to get to places like the Heybrook Fire Lookout tower. My head would fill with sweat and my hair looked like I just took a shower but it was just sweat from hard work. It frustrated me most of the times but after a quick shower, I felt happier and less frustrated.

When it comes to showering, there were many advantages and disadvantages. One advantage was that it kept me clean from the dirt and kept me smelling good. But, there were disadvantages when it comes to showering such as you won’t get clean enough or miss a spot. There was also no privacy for boys. In the boy’s shower, we had no walls, blinds, or curtains to give us privacy when we were showering in a high school building.

During showers, there are things that you should use in order to keep yourself clean. All I had during the trip was a body wash and a little bottle of shampoo. The body wash I brought was non-scented so I didn’t attract any mosquitos. It is important to not bring products that smell like fruits because they would attract mosquitos. For camping, you should bring regular shampoo and regular body wash

Showering was the main thing I looked for during the camping trip. It made me feel more relaxed after all the construction of trails.. It motivated me when I was working because I was working real hard for something I needed.

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