Courtesy of “Erase Washington School Lunch Debt!” GoFundMe

Jeff Lew has started a new GoFundMe to eliminate school lunch debt in all 295 of Washington state’s school districts. Lew, a Seattle father of three, has already raised $100,000 on GoFundMe to eliminate debt in his local school districts.

According to Lew’s GoFundMe, students who may not qualify for free or reduced-price meals still may not be able to pay for them. If students cannot afford lunch or have lunch debt, they either receive alternative meals that often do not fulfill nutritional requirements or no meal at all.

Lew’s GoFundMe also explains that lunch debt may hurt students’ success in school because they are unable to focus due to hunger, or students who experience “lunch shaming” – receiving an alternative meal instead of a hot lunch – are embarrassed about being unable to pay for lunch.

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