Homeless encampments gather under the I-5 freeway in Seattle's International District. • Photo by Anakin Fung
Homeless encampments gather under the I-5 freeway in Seattle’s International District. • Photo by Anakin Fung

On Wednesday, June 29, more than a dozen Seattle media outlets, including the region’s largest newspaper and television news outlets, came together to initiate discussions about homelessness using the hash tag #SEAHomeless. The goal is to look at the possible causes of and solutions to homelessness.

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Here are some of the stories coordinated by participating media outlets:

Homeless in Seattle: The roots of a crisis

Seattle’s homeless emergency: No end in sight

Photos: The faces of homelessness

UW prof speaks of her own homeless experience

#SeaHomeless:  Washington’s Medicaid Waiver aims to help homeless, jobless

#SeaHomeless:  “Under The Bridge” to help Spokane homeless

#SeaHomeless:  Interview with Michele Thomas, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

#SeaHomeless:  Interview with HCA Chief Policy Officer, Nathan Johnson

Kshama’s Next Big Idea

A Moment on the Street with Roni

A formerly homeless woman shares her thoughts while volunteering for the ‘one night count

Mobile homes: an important hidden source of low cost housing in Seattle that must be saved

Solutions to homelessness: the problem is not intractable

‘Facing Homelessness’ a photo gallery by Rex Hohlbein


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