Wilson Chin
Wilson Chin

WILSON CHIN, 49, attended Mercer Middle and Cleveland High School and has a Bachelor’s degree in marine botany from the University of Washington. He spent sixteen years volunteering at Kimball Elementary and is a board member of Schools First. Endorsements include: School Board member Cheryl Chow, former state Rep. Kip Tokuda, and Ruth Woo. Chin said his main focus is reducing the gap in achievement among different ethnic groups and says he will work to ensure that all students have access to a high quality, comprehensive education. He says he respects the rich diversity that all students possess; will promote collaborative leadership; and work to build a rigorous, accountable educational environment that successfully prepares college students, skilled workers and artisans. He’s a lifelong resident of Beacon Hill, served on principal, head teacher and grade-level teacher interview teams, provided data reports and analysis addressing achievement gap issues and served as past coach at the Seattle Chinese Athletic Association, which teaches leadership skills and sportsmanship for youth.

Betty Patu

BETTY PATU, 60, has a Master’s degree in educational administration and a bachelor’s degree in educational leadership from Antioch University. Patu spent 32 years in Seattle Public Schools, running educational programs to prevent dropouts, encourage college attendance and reduce gang violence. Her endorsements include: King County Councilmember Larry Gossett, State Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, and the 37th District Democrats. Patu moved to Seattle from Samoa when she was 8, now living in the Rainier Beach neighborhood. Her main goals are to increase school safety and establish more school-community partnerships. She has worked to close the achievement gap, focusing on helping students make-up failing credits and dedicated her life to reducing cross-cultural tensions. Patu is a current board member at Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition, Past President of Asian Counseling Referral Services (ACRS), Past Vice President, Rainier Beach Parent, Teachers, Students Association (PTSA) and Founder/President, Islanders Children & Youth Services (ICYS).

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