In an unending effort to promote reading and literacy, the IE will occasionally feature summer reading suggestions from remarkable people in our community. We hope our readers will be inspired to pick up a book and share it with others this season. In this installment, we ask renowned Japanese American artist Roger Shimomura what he suggests for great reading this summer. Read more about Roger at:

de Kooning, An American Master1. de Kooning, An American Master
By Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan
“Former Pulitzer Prize winner and one
of the best artist biographies I’ve ever read. Behind the scenes on the life of a
brilliant and fascinating painter,” said Roger Shimomura.




just-kids-patt-smith2. Just Kids
By Patti Smith
“Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe
are an unforgettable pair! I’m old enough to remember the Chelsea Hotel where
one of my good friends lived for awhile in its heyday. This book was so good
that it started me reading a string of
5 artist’s biographies.”


Take What You Can Carry By Kevin C. Pyle3. Take What You Can Carry
By Kevin C. Pyle
“A former hakujin student of mine at
the University of Kansas writes a graphic novel that takes place in camp!
Wow, way to go, Kevin!”



Picasso By Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington4. Picasso
By Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington
“This was one of the 5 biographies I read after “Just Kids.” It was written almost
25 years ago and is a devastating portrait of Picasso that will change your opinion of the man—I guarantee it!”



Seventeen Syllables & Other Stories By Hisaye Yamamoto5. Seventeen Syllables & Other Stories
By Hisaye Yamamoto
“I had to mention this book on the occasion of her passing last year.
One of my all time favorites that I re-read all the time. I still learn from her short story, “Wilshire Bus.”

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