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The annual May Day march and rally for immigrant rights will be on Monday, May 1, 2017, hosted by the May 1st Action Coalition.  The event will include members of the faith community, labor, social services, women, African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, Asian Pacific Americans, LGBTQ community, immigrant and undocumented workers, and local governments, to name some of the communities which will be included.

Below is a list of community events for the next half year:


Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Advancing Justice), alongside a diverse group of civil rights, civil liberties and community-based organizations, have signed on to acomprehensive letter to CBP condemning their proposal to collect social media identifiers from visitors from China. In light of Muslim Ban border policies that have been halted by federal judges and invasive screening practices that have discriminately targeted travelers from Muslim-majority countries and Muslim Americans, our organizations are alarmed that Trump’s CBP now proposes to target visitors from China. Community members are urged to express opposition to this policy by submitting a comment directly to CBP, which can be done through Advancing Justice’s targeted letter campaign or by following the instructions on the federal register website.

The full letter can be found here.

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