Fujimini Island is a unique place to its animal inhabitants. Excitement fills the island as the animals make preparations for the Moon Festival. This is a cute story in which animals personify many emotions ranging from jealousy, arrogance, anger, remorse, and happiness. The lessons exemplified by the story include demonstrating the power of collaboration, effective communication and inclusion.

“Red Penguin and the Missing Sushi” is a story about dealing with the unintended consequences of mischief that ultimately reconciles in a harmonious celebration. For the book to be named for Red Penguin, I think the story could have focused more on her personal journey. However, the book briefly showcases some important life lessons that older readers could elaborate upon while sharing this book with younger readers or nonreaders.

Red-Penguin-and-the-Missing-Sushi Overall, I would recommend reading this book and enjoying the cute illustrations.

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