Photo caption: Rappers Thig Natural and Prometheus Brown on their mobile cameras at Town Hall. Photo credit: Behzod Sirjani. 

Town Hall was engulfed in the sounds of analog and digital camera clicks on March 22nd. Two large red sofa chairs accompanied a row of used cameras lined at the front of the stage. A projection screen simply displayed the title of the event, an active one that was created a couple years ago by individuals who do not claim themselves to be photographers, but “Rappers With Cameras”.

Hip-hop artists George “Prometheus Brown” Quibuyen (of the group Blue Scholars) and Gathigi “Thig Natural” Gishuru (of the group The Physics) curated these social gatherings to display their love of photography. Sift through the dozens of portraits of many Seattle-based hip-hop artists (and their friends), and you’ll find candids of tour life and travel. Town Hall recently made Quibuyen one of their artists-in-residence, so instead of having the event at the usual studio production space, it was moved to the venue’s Great Hall. A discussion and Q&A welcomed fans and fellow photographers — analog, digital and even mobile — to talk shop about music, photographic chemicals and instagram filters.

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