For our readers who aren’t familiar with fascinasians, what is fascinations?

Fascinasians is a blog that focuses on Asian American issues, mostly dealing with politics and racism. I also try to highlight Asian American musicians, artists, writers, scientists, politicians, etc.

What originally gave you the idea to create fascinasians?

I first created Fascinasians a year ago when I moved away from my hometown in Arizona. There was a lot of pent up frustration, confusion, and internalized racism that I was suddenly dealing with and blogging about it became my way of understanding and getting through it. I’ve also been a huge fan of Angry Asian Man for years, so I drew a lot of inspiration from his blog.

Why did you choose a blog as your social platform?

I chose a blog, Tumblr specifically, because it was easy to read the ideas and thoughts of my peers and mentors online. The internet, to me, is the ideal place for Rational Critical Discourse. RCD is a Habermas term that describes a public sphere where discussion can take place regardless of status, includes those who are affected, and remains inclusive.

What has been your greatest obstacle in starting Fascinasians?

Actually, my greatest obstacle has probably been the name. It’s silly, but when I chose the name I had to add an “s” because Fascinasian was taken. So now people think that it’s a team of people writing/blogging when it’s just me. Aside from that, it’s the face-to-face interaction with people at events that gives me headaches. It’s difficult to be taken seriously as a young woman sometimes.

What advice would you give to potential bloggers?

Start! A lot of people (myself included) read blogs and think they can’t do what someone else does as well. I remember idolizing Angry Asian Man (Super embarrassing, hope Phil doesn’t see this!) and wishing that I could be like him. What people don’t realize is how easy it is to just open up and start. Start writing, blogging, ranting, drawing, whatever helps you express what issues you feel strongly about. Find a platform that you’re most comfortable with, get involved with social media, follow/subscribe to people you’re inspired by, and shoot them a message. But just start. And for ladies, don’t be afraid to be a ballbuster.

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