Karen Wong. Photo from Robert Chinn Foundation Website.
Karen Wong, president of Robert Chinn Foundation. Photo from Robert Chinn Foundation Website.

The Robert Chinn Foundation established a grant program to award funds for specific projects in the areas of art, culture, health, and youth development. The program considers requests for program funding in the following areas: art, culture and performing arts, health, and youth development.

Karen Wong, president of the Robert Chinn Foundation and Asian Hall of Fame, is a retired bank attorney and community leader who has served on many boards including United Way of King County, Washington Women’s Lawyer, and Museum of History and Industry. She currently serves on the board of the Washington State Convention Center and the Board of Governors of Virginia Mason Medical Center. The International Examiner spoke with Wong via email to learn more about the grant program.

International Examiner: How did the idea of the new grant program come to fruition?

Wong: When the Asian Resource Center was functioning, the Robert Chinn Foundation raised funds to support the center. With the sale of the center in 2014, the foundation began a transition to a private foundation and the foundation board decided to begin a philanthropic grant program to continue the work that Robert Chinn started in strengthening the community and support worthy nonprofits.

I.E.: This new grant program aims to support programs and nonprofits that serve diverse families and children, especially programs in the areas of art and culture, health, and youth development. Why did the Robert Chinn Foundation choose these specific areas to consider for their grant?

Wong: These are interests that Robert Chinn had during his lifetime and the foundation’s mission is to continue to support these areas. He was interested in the arts, culture and history and wanted to support those programs. As a banker, he supported families and community by improving the civic, educational and cultural quality of life and access to health services and youth development would contribute to this goal.

I.E.: Where does the money come from for grants and what does the RCF hope recipients will do?

Wong: The grant program is funded by sale proceeds, investment income and community donations. RCF hopes that recipients will use the money to make a difference and make all communities a better place in which to live.

I.E.: How many programs will the RCF support each year?

Wong: Since this a new program, we are not sure how many programs will be supported by RCF. Grants range from $1,000 to $10,000.

Grant applications are due on July 29, 2016. Organizations can apply every two years. Applications will be available at the Robert Chinn Foundation website at robertchinnfoundation.org and questions can be directed to [email protected].

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