She’s young, she just moved into the district and she is taking on an established and popular House Democrat in a primary bid she concedes is a huge gamble. She’s also a hedge fund lawyer, and proud of it, describes the New York Times. Reshma Saujani, 34, said she was running on her experience on Wall Street, “not from it.” All that may not exactly excite liberal primary voters. But Saujani has won the backing of some prominent Democratic donors for her bid to topple Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, a challenge that is turning heads on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and antagonizing some of New York’s best-known feminists. Saujani says she is the first Indian American woman to run for Congress and is counting on South Asians to support her in droves. Saujani suggested that “there reaches a point where you have to pass the torch and give others the opportunity to lead.”

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