According to the New Jersey news agency, The Record, a burglar — or a group of burglars — has broken into about 60 Asian businesses in recent months, breaking down a front door or window and snatching whatever cash is in the register in almost every one, authorities said. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and the sheriff’s offices in Bergen and Passaic counties are collaborating with local police in 14 towns to catch the crook, who has eluded them since late November. Chinese restaurants seem to have been a prime target. A couple of sushi restaurants, a Korean church, an Asian-owned spa and nail salons also have been targeted, as have some other types of restaurants. When someone broke into three Chinese restaurants in the town of Hackensack, New Jersey, in January, a nail salon and a pizzeria were also burglarized, and an Italian restaurant was hit the same night in December that six Asian businesses in Clifton, New Jersey were targeted. It is unclear exactly why burglars are targeting Asian businesses, but police and experts suspect that whoever is involved simply thinks it is a quick in and out or because there is an assumption that Asian-owned businesses tend to do more cash business than credit, but the break-ins could simply be an easy way to get cash, even if the bounty is small, an expert said.

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