Hing Hay Park finished its expansion and opened to the public on June 29, 2017. • Photo by Cathy You

The Hing Hay Park expansion project was officially opened today, June 29, 2017.

In 2007, Seattle Park and Recreation bought property adjacent to Hing Hay Park to expand the .33-acre park to .64 acres. The design team of SvR and Turenscape was selected for Hing Hay Park’s expansion, and started planning in fall 2013. After hearing community input for the desired design, construction began on January 6, 2016, with WS Contractors.

The project was prolonged due to the longer-than-expected permitting process in Spring 2015 and deficient light poles, which arrived at the site in March 2017.

After replacement light poles were installed earlier this summer, the Hing Hay Park expansion opened on Thursday, June 29.

The newly design park has a cultural performance space, with custom integrated seating that punctuates the terraces and provides micro-stages. There are also activity areas including ping pong tables, seating, exercise machines, and shade trees. Additional features include planted terraces, lighting, necessary utilities, and sidewalk improvements with ADA accessibility through the park. An iconic artistic gateway structure on the southwest corner will be installed in late summer.

The new Hing Hay Park expansion area features open seating. • Photo by Cathy You
An elder takes a young person to play at the park expansion on it’s opening morning on June 29, 2017. • Photo by Cathy You
Children check out the new exercise machines while their dad takes photos of them at the new park. • Photo by Cathy You
An overlook of the Hing Hay Park expansion area. • Photo by Cathy You
People sit and get accustomed to the new park on its opening on June 29, 2017.• Photo by Cathy You

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