The future of beloved restaurant and bar Bush Garden is uncertain. It sits on land owned by real estate developer Vibrant Cities, which plans to build an apartment complex on the site. On December 6, the Chinatown International District (CID) Coalition organized a Drag Bingo night at Bush Garden, hosted by legendary Seattle drag queen Atasha Manila. Bush Garden has “been a focal point for neighborhood gathering and multiracial organizing for decades,” according to the CID Coalition’s Facebook event page. “Come join us to support local business, build community, and have a fun-filled night of drag, games, and good vibes!”

All photos by Carolyn Bick:

Atasha Manila, center, performs at Bush Garden on December 6. All photos by Carolyn Bick.
People wait for drag bingo to begin.
Atasha Manila spins the ball container.

Atasha Manila sits on an audience member’s lap as she performs.
Bingo cards sit on a table next to a donation jar, during Drag Bingo.
Atasha Manila, right, performs next to a cardboard cutout of “Uncle” Bob Santos, the community leader who was a regular at Bush Garden.
An employee works, during Drag Bingo.
Appetizers and bingo cards.
Sunni Campbell, center, chooses a prize, as Atasha Manila, right, speaks, during Drag Bingo.

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