42nd Pig Roast started on July 14, 2017 at the Danny Woo Community Garden. • Photo by Cathy You

The Chinatown International District community and neighbors gathered together at the Danny Woo Community Garden on July 14 to start preparing the pig for the 42nd annual Pig Roast.

Around 100 people showed up at the event, and they contributed all kinds of homemade dishes to celebrate with the roasted pig. Marvin Rosete, one of the volunteers who helped to prepare the pig, said that the pig for this year was only 107 pounds. Since more and more people wanted to contribute to the event, and in order to not waste any food, they picked a smaller pig than previous years.

In 1975, as the foundation of the Danny Woo Community Garden was being laid, Uncle Bob Santos came up with the idea to construct a roasting pit in the center of the garden. Prior to building the garden, Uncle Bob would host an annual pig roast for friends, family, and community members in his own backyard. With the new roasting pit at the Danny Woo Community Garden, InterIm CDA hosted their first Pig Roast in July 1975. 42 years later, the tradition lives on.

People gathered together in the garden to watch pig preparation.• Photo by Cathy You
Mai Nguyen and Anne Xuan Clark are sewing up the pig belly.• Photo by Cathy You
Photo by Cathy You
Photo by Cathy You
People are hanging out and sharing homemade food at garden while the pig is being prepared .• Photo by Cathy You
Danny Santos (left) and Marvin Rosete (right) are directing the preparation process. • Photo by Cathy You
People are wrapping the pig with chicken wire, which is the last step for preparing the pig.• Photo by Cathy You
Uncle Bob’s photo was presented during the event.• Photo by Cathy You

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