This is a photo essay by Grace Madigan of the protests that occurred in downtown Seattle on Saturday, May 30. The IE will be posting more on this story in the near future.

A demonstrator stops in front of the camera as the march continues on toward Westlake Center.
Demonstrators march toward Westlake Center.
Posters on buildings along the route of demonstrators.
Demonstrators gather at 5th Ave and Pine.
Demonstrators shout at police: “Black lives matter.”
Demonstrators gather at 5th and Pine.
Demonstrators attempt to break through the line of police.
Demonstrators gather at Westlake Center and shout at police.
Demonstrators shout at police who hold the line with their bikes.
Demonstrators gather by Westlake Center.
Demonstrators gather by Westlake.
Demonstrators shout and chant by Westlake Center.
Demonstrators march down 5th Ave.
Demonstrators pass the United States Courthouse on 5th and Spring.
After passing the US Courthouse on 5th and Spring, demonstrators marched onto I-5 amidst traffic.
Demonstrators march onto I-5 stopping traffic.
A woman with flowers stops to offer one to a little girl in a car on I-5 stopped because of the demonstrators.
A little girl receives a flower from a demonstrator who marched onto I-5.
Demonstrators gather under Freeway park before continuing on.
Demonstrators march onto I-5 and gather under Freeway Park.
A Seattle Police Department car burns on 5th and Pine.
Demonstrators watch an SPD car go up in flames.
Demonstrators watch the smoke rise from a Seattle Police Department car on fire.
Demonstrators look on at the corner of 5th and Pine.
Demonstrators watch as smoke from the Seattle Police Department car rises.
Graffiti covers the walls of buildings on the path of demonstrators.

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