A smooth and versatile hip-hop dance group with a self-described “Boyz II Men”-style, the PG Boyz offer a fresh new look to choreographed dance. Dancing together for over 5 years, founder Kolanie Marks brings together the Northwest’s most talented troop of choreographers to exhibit an innovative and unique style around the world. Traveling throughout Europe and all over the United States, the PG Boys have showcased their skills through performances and workshops. For them, anyone can dance and accordingly, people from all walks are welcome to join their sessions. Having already accomplished their previous goal of becoming international, the PG Boyz now strive towards expanding their notoriety, and eventually appear in music videos. However, their main motivation is still focused upon molding the next generation of dancers and providing a positive outlet for self-expression amongst the youth. The group stresses the importance of positivity in success.

“In this industry, there a lot of people that will tell you dancing is a waste of time and will never get you anywhere, but you never give up, never listen to negativity. You just have to be positive to get to your goals.”

The PG Boyz will be performing this coming weekend, Feb 19th and the 20th at the Shorecrest High School located in Shoreline, WA. www.facebook.com/pages/PG-BOYZ.

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