Editor’s note: The following is a manuscript submitted to the International Examiner by author, playwright, and activist Frank Chin, who played a pivotal part in the Redress and Reparations movement.

In Pat and George, Chin challenges us to look back at the genesis of our history and identity and at the rebirthing of truths and untruths through modern recollections and retellings, which have led to the destruction of our outlived pasts.

Writing is fighting as Chin reacts to George Takei’s Broadway musical, Allegiance, which is inspired by Takei’s memories of his family’s incarceration during World War II.

Chin writes: “[Takei’s] autobiographical musical is heroic, patriotic, White racist and uplifting, but thumbs its booty at history, fact, and truth. Yet he presumes to instruct an audience of stupid idiots in last century’s news at home.”

Chin’s emailed manuscript to the IE was accompanied by the words: “I believe I have a voice in the hidden fight over UW Press’s new edition of No-No Boy and giving credence to Narasaki’s childish embrace of WW II White racism, and George Takei’s rewrite of Frank Emi as a coward. The piece belongs in Seattle, still the only Chinatown NihonMachi with a little soul.”

The 47-page manuscript is read-able below.

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