The curiosity of a little girl continues to grow with each flip of a page in Linda Ashman and You Byun’s latest read-aloud book, Little Baby Buttercup. Follow along on her journey as she shows you the delight to be found through the experiences of a toddler. With her mom there watching her every step of the way, there is no telling what kind of memorable moments they will create together. From waking up to hugs from her mom early in the morning to moving on to the day’s activities and finally to bed, the endless energy of a small child is matched through Ashman’s implementation of a bouncy rhyme.

Buttercup’s day begins in the comforts of her own home as she learns of the joys of playing with your own food in the kitchen table and the excitement that comes with building a tower with blocks only to see it come tumbling down to the floor. As her day continues on, she realizes the same kind of fun and excitement can also be had outdoors. From spraying her mom with a hose in the backyard garden and meeting new friends at their local neighborhood park to meeting pets and animals, there seems to be nothing that can ruin Buttercup’s wonderful and happy day. Or is there? Wanting to explore more of the world before her and intrigued by what she sees before her eyes, it all catches up to her in an instant as she takes a tumble to the ground. Saddened and bruised by her misfortune, her mom comes in to save the day and patches things up and turns her frown upside down with a little of her mommy magic and a little treat on the way home as they wait for the rain to clear.

As the sunset approaches in the nearby distance, they take a stroll back to the comforts of their home where her mom begins to realize how fast little baby Buttercup has grown. By the end of the day she is seen all wrapped up in her mother’s arm fully tired from the days events dreaming of what kind of adventure tomorrow brings.

Byun’s watercolor illustrations in combination with Ashman’s short and simple text makes this book a pleasure for both young toddlers and adults as not only will toddlers be able to identify their own busy days but also is a delight for adults as it provides a tool for them to enrich and also connect to their children’s lives.

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