Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Established in 1974, the International Examiner (IE) is the oldest and largest nonprofit, pan-Asian Pacific American publication in the Northwest. Named after the historic and thriving multi-ethnic International District (ID) of Seattle, the IE aspires to be a credible catalyst for building an inspiring, connected, well-respected, and socially conscious Asian Pacific American (APA) community.

Our mission is to promote critical thinking, dialogue, and action by providing timely, accurate, and culturally sensitive coverage of relevant APA matters.


We are a multi-media informational, educational, arts, culture, and heritage organization. We produce a twice-monthly newspaper and daily-updated website. The IE also provides learning opportunities for APA youth, professionals, and community members.

Our goals are to:

  1. Be a reliable source of information for Asian Pacific American communities about important issues and events;
  2. Be a voice for distinct Asian Pacific American views and perspectives;
  3. Provide employment opportunities and experience for Asian Pacific American writers, photographers, artists, and advertising representatives;
  4. Promote a better understanding about and among our diverse Asian Pacific American communities;
  5. To serve as an educational resource about the Asian Pacific American communities in classrooms and lecture halls;
  6. To maintain the highest professional standards of journalistic excellence in news content and production.