When I listened to this [www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/468/switcheroo?act=2] my thought went straight to the IE and how I’ve contributed stories for the paper. I never thought it was a big deal; it was more for my own pleasure than anything. But I think this is exactly why I like and value the IE much more than other newspapers and why I’m more interested in contributing to it.

More than anything, the IE tell stories rather than “news.” News come and go. News happen all the time. News are inorganic facts going in and out of existence. What’s news today is no longer news tomorrow. Stories, on the other hand, last much longer and their significance much broader. I think the IE, even as a “news” paper, demands its writers to be storytellers rather than news reporters. It demands people who care about their community and that’s why it stands a step above.

Keep up the good work! And keep telling stories! The editor column is a good addition.

– Bao Nguyen

Hi Diem: Just a short note to thank you for the most recent issue of the Examiner (July 4-17, 2012). The articles on bullying of Asian Americans, the gubernatorial candidates, and your interview with the Blue Scholars on how the media has covered the recent violence in Seattle were all eye-opening and thought-provoking. This is why I subscribe to the International Examiner! Keep up the good work.

– David Takami

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