IE Letter to the EditorTHE ASIAN COMMUNITY NEEDS TO VOTE FOR DOW CONSTANTINE FOR KING COUNTY EXECUTIVE AS A BLOC AND STOP SUSAN HUTCHISON!!! I strongly suspect that Hutchison has racist attitudes about Asians and other minorities. She complained in a lawsuit about her replacement at KIRO being Asian. THERE IS AN EMAIL COMMENT TO A NEWS ARTICLE that she made a comment at a Seattle Center event IMPLYING that a performer who was of Asian/Native American descent could not be American (see 9/19/09 11:11 am email comment to 9/19/09 Seattle Times article regarding election) How many times have we as Asians been told we can’t be real Americans? This is a racist attitude and someone who thinks like that has no place running for office. She commented on a radio show that voters should write in Bill Cosby’s name for president instead of Barrack Obama (see 6/11/09 Federal Way Indep. Examiner Boye Coker Article). She lumps them together because of race instead of recognizing them as individuals. She did not appear at a minority event citing some unknown “schedule conflict” (Seattle Times September 18). She went to high school in the South (Virginia). No this doesn’t mean all people from the South are racists. But if you look at her other issues it does make you wonder if she picked up some racist attitudes while growing up there. She has some Asian names backing her up. She is just using these people as tokens and she is an expert at covering up who she really is. A poll from September shows that almost 50% of Asians are voting for her. This shows that many Asians do not realize that there is a huge trust and comfort level difference between Hutchison and Constantine when it comes to race issues. As an Asian it makes no sense to vote for someone who could be racist about Asians. Anyone of any race who cares about fairness and equality for all races should not be voting for Hutchison. Dow is behind by about 5 points in the polls. The Asian community can make or break the election.

-Mark Lee

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