Lt. Dan Choi in New York Times Square, ready to re-enlist, with reporters surrounding him at the recruitment office.

Former Army infantry officer Lt. Dan Choi, who has become one of the most visible and outspoken activists against the U.S. military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, re-enlisted in the armed forces — this time, as an “out” gay man. On Oct. 19, the military announced that it had instructed its recruiters to accept all applications, even from those “who admit they are gay or lesbian.” Right now, the military is allowing openly gay men and women to serve, but only under duress. So on the same afternoon, amid dozens of reporters, Lt. Dan Choi showed up at the U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Center in New York’s Times Square to re-enlist. “It’s a day of celebration!” said Lt. Choi as he walked into Times Square.

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