In an unending effort to promote reading and literacy, the IE will occasionally feature summer reading suggestions from remarkable people in our community. We hope our readers will be inspired to pick up a book and share it with others this season. In this installment, we ask award-winning King 5 news anchor Lori Matsukawa what she suggests for great reading this summer. Read more about Lori Matsukawa at:


1. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

By Jamie Ford | historical fiction, 320pp

“Loved the way it recalls Seattle’s Japantown and Jackson Street’s jazz days,” said Lori Matsukawa.


 2. Hunger Games

By Suzanne Collins | YA fiction, 374pp

“An updated ‘1984’ which is a real page turner,” said Matsukawa.



 3. The Joy Luck Club

By Amy Tan | fiction novel, 288pp

“Loved the way she made us see ‘old women’ as people with amazing life stories,” said Matsukawa.


4. Atlas Shrugged

By Ayn Rand | science fiction, 1168pp

“Just a cool read for impressionable young people.”



5. Steve Jobs

By Walter Isaacson | biography, 656pp

“Makes you appreciate the genius that made him both admirable and despicable.”

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