On January 9th, the local Buddhist charity organization Tzu Chi coordinated a free clothing drive for the residents of the South Holly community in South Seattle. Collecting over 2800 articles of clothing, a group of 59 volunteers diligently spent their Saturday afternoon distributing these garments throughout the day. Lines formed through the doors as residents arrived well before the established 11 o’clock starting time. A reported 413 people showed up to the event, composing a total of 125 families, mostly immigrant, from a vast array of 16 countries. While the actual drive took place in one day, many Tzu Chi members spent countless hours collecting clothing months before, as well as washing, drying, ironing and folding the donations as a gesture of respect towards the recipients. Residents were appreciative and touched by the organization’s goodwill for the upcoming winter months. The Tzu Chi organization began 44 years ago in Taiwan and is going on its 16th year here in Washington State. Though they do practice a Buddhist philosophy, their work does not promote religious beliefs and has often worked in collaboration with different religious organizations throughout the entire world. They have responded to the disasters such as the 2004 Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and are planning a potential trip to aid the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

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